Seaweed for your garden:  A gardening resource from the ocean in Victoria BC

Almost looks ready to eat! If you are into seaweed, that is. Your garden certainly is! There's never a wrong time to put seaweed on your beds if you're lucky enough to find some. The best time of year to source seaweed is usually fall, right after a few stormy days. Willows Beach in Oak Bay is a great spot, also because it is very accessible by truck, if you're ambitious and want to get several buckets. I admit that officially, there might be some rules saying that you're not supposed to take any, but it literally washes up knee deep! Whatever the gardeners don't take (and they hardly make a dent anyway) gets washed back out to sea after stinking up the place for a while.

Seaweed takes very little time to decompose, adding some nitrogen and great minerals. Just spread it directly on your beds like mulch, or throw it on your compost. Don't worry about rinsing the salt off - sea salt is actually good for the microbes, especially in such diluted quantities. #seaweed #seaweedinthegarden #feedyourgarden #oceantreasures #composting


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