Leaf mulch in Victoria and Saanich

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Shredded leaves make ideal mulch for most gardens! Every year, the municipality of Saanich (part of Greater Victoria, BC) shreds tons of leaves they suck up from the roadsides. Usually, their crews dump piles of the shredded leaves in certain locations around town, for the general public to use in their own gardens. The degree of shredded-ness varies quite a bit, but if you're lucky, you'll get the nice fluffy fine shred illustrated in our photo here. Here is the

link to Saanich's own information page

regarding this program. Oak Bay Public Works has also been known to deliver multiple yards at a time to those residents who request it.

We recommend laying it on thick, up to 6 inches sometimes, because it is fluffy. It does pack down over the winter, and rots faster than you would think - even oak! But it usually lasts well into next season and prevents a whole lot of spring weeds from sprouting. The soil underneath becomes crumbly and alive - I feel it does a better job at enlivening soil than commercial products. It does look a lot coarser than commercially ground mulch, and if in an exposed location, can blow around a bit, like leaves do. We are big fans, however, and encourage our clients to use it whenever they can.

This stuff is only available in November and half of December, and quantities are sometimes limited. Unfortunately, we cannot offer delivery service of this product due to liability issues and supply limit. Home owners show up at the piles with their own modes of transporting it - from bags and bins to their buddy's truck.

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