Gnome and Gardens Celebrates a Year of Success

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

A word from Chris Lambden, member of the JoyGardens Collective and sole proprietor of Gnome and Gardens!

"Here at the end of another busy work season, Gnome and Gardens Organic Landcare would like to give shout outs and thanks to all the amazing suppliers, contractors, and colleagues whom helped make 2019 a great success:

- Katharina, Steph, and Chris at the JoyGardens Collective for being the best colleagues and collaborators I could ask for

- Danee Lambourne at Eden Projects for her trust, her encouragement, and the opportunities to grow and learn in myriad new ways

- All the fantastic employees I've worked with and learned from this year, without whom I could not have made this happen

- The Horticulture Center of the Pacific for facilitating such quality educational opportunities in horticulture

- Felicity Klimstra at Cedar and Sage Physiotherapy, and the folks at Heart and Hands community acupuncture, for helping me to better care for this hard working body of mine

- Susanne Osmund at Gardener's Kit for her high-quality hand tools and the Japanese orchard ladders my staff love so much

- Chris at Authentic Business Solutions for maintaining our website

- My talented bookkeeper/accountant who takes so much of the stress out of paperwork

- 'That Guy' in Fernwood who maintains our power tools

- Guy Laramee at Burt's Automotive for his skilled help in maintaining our vehicles

- The folks at MacNutt Enterprises for their quality mulches, soils, and aggregates

- Stanhope Organics for their high-quality manure mulches and soil amendments

- My partner, friends and family for supporting me, and understanding why they sometimes don't see or hear from me quite as much during the busiest work season

- The excellent teachers in my life whom have inspired me to grow and push myself to become a stronger, more loving and compassionate, and more well-balanced person

- And of course, the understanding and trusting clients of Gnome and Gardens, whose landscapes I look forward to caring for throughout 2020!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!"

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