Fruit tree pruning time for Victoria BC

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Do your fruit trees need a renovation? Are you interested in yearly upkeep to promote fruit production and health? Would you like to learn more about doing it yourself? Gnome and Gardens and Alchemy Gardens are presently accepting bookings for fruit tree care! As usual, estimates are free, and we cover all Greater Victoria areas including Sidney and the peninsula, the Western communities, and Esquimalt.

Please note that for best results in terms of directing new growth, fruit trees should be pruned before bud break. That window ranges from January to early April, depending on the species. Pruning at a later time will have different results. For example, if you have a fruit tree that you want to majorly reduce in overall height/size, it's better to do the major cuts in late summer. The tree will be busy trying to grow leaves and will not grow near as many suckers and sprouts in reaction to pruning. In regards to disease entering the tree during warmer periods, we have learned that in this mild climate, pathogens don't really go dormant anyways, including winter time; so timing doesn't make a difference in that regard. Plus, the tree's natural defense mechanisms are fully engaged during the growing season, allowing it to effectively deal with new cuts in short order.

If your goal is to maximize fruiting, consider getting us to set up mason bees - These non-aggressive native bees are widely known to produce effective results in terms of pollination. They are mostly hands-off in terms of care, and are especially effective for early spring flowering species.

Whether you have plums, figs, apples, Persimmons, pears, mulberries, kiwi vines, currant shrubs etc... let us have a look, and we’ll get your fruit trees some professional attention. Or book a coaching session to watch one of us demonstrate how it’s done, and have your questions answered.

Katharina Loschberger thinning a fig thicket.

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