Organic and Natural Lawn Care - What we mean by that

-Mow high

-Leave the clippings

-Add composted organic matter


Like the soils of natural grasslands, healthy lawn soils are deep and extremely high in organic matter and microbes.  Most commercial lawn soils are high in sand, not organic matter, which is great for starting new turf but not for keeping it thriving. We increase organic matter in lawns by leaving the clippings, and even mulching in some leaves.  This feeds the soil life, and once the microbes in your lawn are thriving, regular aerating or de-thatching is unnecessary.  If you don't like to leave clippings, we recommend top-dressing with composted manure once a year.  The higher the organic matter content, the less you have to water to keep it green.

Lawn Alternatives for Victoria BC - What Plants can you use?

-Add micro clover to existing lawns

-Create a drought tolerant meadow

-Mimic a lawn with low ground covers

Adding micro clover to existing lawns:  Clover naturally fixes nitrogen, boosting the health of grasses it mingles with.  It is also more drought tolerant than most turf grasses. 

Creating a drought tolerant meadow or mimicking a lawn with low ground covers:  Our designer can help you find the types of plants you might prefer for this kind of project, which you might mow once or twice a year, or not at all, depending on your personal style.