No Synthetic Fertilizers

Soil life is the most important factor in the health of your garden.  To make gardens as self-sustaining as possible, the first thing we address is the soil.  Healthy soil results in thriving, more drought tolerant and pest resistant plants. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides that might affect your kids, your pets, or that will unbalance the soil life in your garden.

Synthetic fertilizers are like junk food for your soil – they can easily throw the microbial culture off balance, followed by a need for more synthetic food.  This is neither good for the soil life nor for your wallet.  Why use junk food when natural food is cheaper and often produced on site?

What we use:

-Leaf or greenwaste mulch (commercial compost mulches)

-Composted manure mulch from Stanhope Organics

-On-site leaves and garden clippings, where aesthetics allow

-Bone meal for planting and transplanting

-Kelp flakes or liquids

-Liquid Fish fertilizer

-Mycorrhizal fungi products when requested