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sustainable garden design Victoria BC

Hiring a garden designer is a personal affair - it's gotta be the right fit.  A designer should be able to listen keenly, intuit your needs and interpret your vision, translate them into realistic goals, make inspiring suggestions, and ensure you will be happy with the end result.

Landscaping Collective Garden designer and consultant


Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of Victoria (2004)

Ecosystem-based landscape specialist and successful entrepreneur since 2007

Organic Master Gardener Certificate, Gaia College

Ecological Landscape Design Certificate, Gaia College

I.T.A. Approved Sponsor for Horticulture Apprentices

About Katharina Loschberger:  This mother of two ran a garden maintenance company in Victoria for just over a decade before deciding to specialize in landscape design and installation project management.  Because of her years of experience with how gardens actually respond and develop, Katharina not only provides custom designs to meet your needs and visions, but can also give in-depth guidance and coaching when it comes to taking care of your new installation.  Katharina cares about making sure your new landscape actually succeeds.  Forward thinking planning, quality workmanship and professional planting are all necessary starting points -  timely guidance through follow-up visits tend to save just as much time and money!