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Garden designer Victoria BC credentials

Meet Steph and Pano of Alchemy Gardens

Alchemy Gardens is run by the combined forces of Stephanie Sieben and Pano Koutsodimos. Stephanie has held many positions in the world of plants, from nursery propagation and upkeep, private gardening for estates, vineyard and orchard work, to residential maintenance gardening. With her full Red Seal she is now able to combine the how and why of plants with her extensive experience.

Pano was a certified Journeyman Mechanic and left his position to pursue his passion of plants and the outdoors. With a keen eye and artistic soul, his creativity shines through in shaping, pruning and hedge trimming.  Together Steph and Pano have blended their individual strengths, giving select gardens of Victoria their magical touch. They specialize in garden maintenance, garden coaching, sustainable and drought resistant garden plans, renovation of outdoor spaces, fruit tree pruning and organic gardening solutions.

Experienced gardener Victoria BC credentials

Steph's Credentials:

ITA Certified Red Seal: Horticulturalist

UBC Foundation Program: Horticulture Technician Certificate in Plant Sciences
Certificate in Plant Propagation

Certificate in Landscape & Garden Management

Garden designer Victoria BC credentials